Facebook based poll system

www.partidarios.com its a poll system based on the Spanish more representative political parties based on their facebook activities. An open system where you can know the most important activity of each political faction.

Theres is an algorith that takes all the message of every politic party and publish the most popular one (based on the number of likes they have).

  1. We take a modificatior from each party, this modificator lets the minus popular party been able to get a high point in their best message. The calculation its the next:

    “1 + (1 -$npublishedparty * $nparties / $totalpublished) / 10″

  2. We calculate a % that it will be applied over the modificator, if the message have < 5 hours the % its 120%. Its over 9 hours it will be 80%. The rest keep the 100%.
  3. We multiply the number of votes with the modificator and afte with the %, we compare it with the average of votes who that specific party gets to see if it deserve been published:

    IF $averagevotes > ($porcentaje * ($message->votes * $modificator)) -> publish it