Futurama Invader

A simple videogame 2D framework

Futurama Invader is a little code example showing a game from scratch. The first layer of code contains a 2D videogame framework able to manage screen double buffer image´s, different resolutions and animations.

This frameworks also includes a simple game loop logic to handle every tick in the game and different JAVA methods to implement the init, start loop, refresh and end the of the loop.


UML FuturamaInvaders

After these two classes, the rest contains various classes to define the game “Futurama Invader”, a rework of the classic game “Game Invaders”. The first class is SpaceInvader that creates the instances of the gamer (Jugador), and the invaders float (Flota). After that I define how the invaders and gamer work with the same ship class (Nave), using polymorphic JAVA characteristic.

Because i’m bilingual I choose Spanish for all the variables and JAVA classes names. It improves the code’s understanding because it creates a distinction between primitive JAVA commands and functions.

I create the code from scratch, the images are based on my favorite show Futurama, and edited with gimp. You can get the whole code in my github page!